Deodorants: Why Natural?

Underarm deodorants can come in many different shapes and sizes. In addition, they can come with different formulations and scents as well. You hear about things likes made for sensitive skin, helps to balance pH levels, maximum strength protection, etc... things can get confusing!

To throw another wrench in the mix, I'm going to add ingredients to the list. Why? In recent times, this has become a fairly large and looming issue that many of us have to contemplate. We've all heard about aluminum and parabens in deodorants, and how they can be harmful to our health. The FDA and NCI maintain that deodorant products are safe and we have nothing to worry about. This is in spite of several studies that show more than just a coincidental link between the two.

I'll leave it up to you as the reader to come to your own conclusions on the matter, but this being my blog, I'm leaning towards the stance that it's better to be safe than sorry. I take agendas in consideration as well as alternative means of handling body odor.

People often wrongly assume that alternative deodorant methods are less effective or inferior to their mainstream counterparts. Why this is so, I'll never understand, but it is what it is. Much of the synthetic chemicals we use in not just deodorants, but almost all hygiene products are derived from natural plant or mineral sources. Or they are copied using synthetic means because it tends to be cheaper. Let's face it, it's more economically feasible to make something in a factory than having to grow it in the ground.

There are consequences though. As with many things that man has copied using synthetic means, it's never quite the same. There's always side effects. GMOs are a great example of this.

Again, I'm a huge proponent of natural alternatives whenever possible, and this is my case for those considering switching to a natural deodorant alternative. Don't be fooled by big business and take the time to learn about what's going on. After all, what you put on or in your body will most certainly impact your future.

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