Ladies, Keep it Clean

Talking about odor can be a touchy subject. Talking about feminine odor can be even more difficult to navigate, but it doesn't have to be. First, we must realize that smelling down there isn't a problem per se. It's not because we are dirty or were just born with a rotten one. No, there are facotrs beyond our control that cause it to smell out of sorts.

Leaving out poor hygiene as a culprit, let's look into what else can cause a woman's vagina to smell. Food, body chemistry, sweat, hormonal changes and even stress can change the odor. When pH balances are affected due to some of the factors, the acidity in the vagina changes allowing bacteria to cultivate and do what they do. What do they do? Bacteria can break down certain compounds which in turn have a unique smell.

Also food, especially foods high in protein, contain a compound called trimethylamine. When broken down by bacteria, it produces a fishy smell. Some people are able to process this better than others which is why some people smell stronger than others.

In terms of what can be done, there are pills, wipes, washes, creams, etc... they all do their part and they all work to an extent. Personally, I believe so long as you're clean, maintain a balanced diet, get exercise and are able to maintain stress, any feminine odor that comes after should be an after thought. Don't worry about it! It's natural.

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